At eccountinc our answer is simple-

We want to be a Certified B Corp! 

We want to be a business that is inclusive to all and makes decisions for the greater good of the world! 

We want to be part of the global B Corporation economy which is purpose-driven and benefits all stakeholders.

That’s why we have joined the journey of becoming a B Corp.  And we want to help other companies get certified too!

We believe for the world to change for the greater good for all, businesses play a key part in making this happen!


Within eccountinc Graham Gillen is now a trained B Leader and can help businesses through the stages of becoming a certified B Corporation. 

We want to see more companies, especially in Northern Ireland, join the change and make our world a better place for all!


Contact Graham Gillen about the B Leader support he can offer your business on: / +44 (0)28 9082 5617  / +44 (0)7711 719461


To find out more about B Corporations go to:

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