Celebrate - It's good for the soul!

We are all guilty of working hard at a specific job or project and then when it is successfully completed we just move onto the next thing without taking time to celebrate what we have achieved.   

So for once we decided to attend the AICPA & CIMA Engage Europe Finance Awards 2021.  Ok so it was a virtual ceremony and we where in our office for it but it didn’t take away from the joy of hearing the results! 

We had applied for the Responsible Finance Team of the Year.  As we are trying to raise awareness to businesses, particularly in Northern Ireland, of the B Corp movement, where companies work towards the triple bottom line rather than just in it for the money.  We felt that Graham Gillen, as a CIMA Member in Practice and the first B Leader in Northern Ireland this was a good category to go for.

So the evening came for the Virtual Black Tie Awards Ceremony where we got dressed up and enjoyed our complimentary wine and chocolates while listening to each of the categories, the nominations, who the 3 finalists were and then the winners of each award.

We were so thrilled to hear we were 1 of the 3 finalists for the Responsible Finance Team of the Year Award. It was just as precious as if we had actually won it!  

We are also very pleased for Kirsty Taylor, UK Commercial Finance Manager from Everygreen Garden Care Ltd who won the award for all her work and all the winners on the night for the other awards.  Well done everyone!

So our lessons learned are:

  1. You’ve got to be ‘in it to win it’ – Definitely if you don’t put yourself forward for something you can’t expect to get anything from it!
  2. Celebrate Successes– No matter how great or small they are, make a point to reward yourself and/or your team on your accomplishments.  Even if it is just a naughty cream bun for everyone at tea break or a takeaway!  It lifts the soul and makes people feel good about themselves!
Celebration picture of Graham and Heather Gillen from eccountinc