How to take the hassle out of Subbie payments

Engaging Sub-contractor on both a labour only and supply & fix basis and getting them paid is an essential task in every building business. But the added complication of CIS, retentions, invoice factoring etc can add extra complication to getting the job done, this article will hopefully help make life easier.

But first things first, on what basic have things been agreed? the first hassle saving tip is to ensure that a formal agreement is reached on what is to be done and by when and what the cost will be, the best way to do this is by using a written contract. I know some will think this is a hassle to do but it will save a lot more if a dispute arrives when it comes time to settle up and make payment. Also once you have a few in place it will become second nature.

Got to love it when a plan comes together!

First get a plan in place of how you are going to manage your subbies, depending on the size and number I believe it is always better to use a system that keeps track of things. I feel the use of a cloud based accounts software makes this as painless as possible.

The next is to ensure you get amongst other things like copies of their insurances, H&S documentation etc. their CIS (Construction Industry Scheme Tax) details. These will vary depending on whether they are a sole trader, Company or Partnership but will include a combination of UTR (unique tax reference) NI (national insurance number/s) and or Company Number. it is far simpler before work begins and avoids delays making a payment.

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