At eccountinc we are striving to play our part in taking action on climate change!

So here’s our 10 tips in getting you started in reducing your carbon footprint:

Reduce your meat intake down dramatically, if you can’t cut it out completely.  Eat everything you buy as food waste counts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions, based on the UN Food and Agriculture organisation. Also look at where your food is sourced and eat when in season and buy local.

On a daily basis could you walk or use a bicycle or public transport instead of a car? 

Is working from home an option full time or part time?   

If a car is a necessity, then can you car share with others to reduce your carbon emissions or look at buying an electric car the next time you are changing.  Alternatively an electric bicycle or moped if a car is beyond your budget.

NB: Employees can get help with going green by availing of Electric Car Salary Sacrifice scheme which reduces the cost between 22% and 47% through Gross salary deduction

Think about where the products are sourced in your weekly shop.

Choose items with none or minimal packaging and choose products that the wrapping can be recycled. 

Find out where your local refill shops are and fill up your containers directly in the shop of dried goods, spices, cleaning liquids etc.

Think about when you need to replace clothing, where it is sourced and if budget allows, pay more for an item that will last longer than a cheaper alternative. 

If you are an addict for clothes target charity shops and upcycle old clothes or do clothes swop with family and friends. Get creative!

Think about your actions within your own home or workspace. 

Only use lights in rooms you are in and maximise natural light when you can.  Convert all your lighting to energy bulbs if you haven’t already.  Turn electric appliances off at the switch at night and when away from your home for a break.

Have shorter and cooler showers.

Wash your clothing at lower temperatures and when replacing white goods choose as highly energy efficient as you can.

If you own your own home the best thing you can do is make sure it is as insulated as it can be. 

Then review your heating system and utilise thermostats so that rooms that are not in frequent use are closed off and allowed to remain at a cooler temperature. 

Remember put a few more layers of clothing on yourself before you up the temperature of the heating to feel warm.

Change your electricity supplier to a green energy provider and if finances allow look into solar panels or heat pumps so that you can produce your own energy and be more in control of knowing it is purely renewable.

NB: In the UK from April 21 companies can use Enhanced Capital Allowances to reduce their tax when purchasing energy efficient technologies such as solar panels etc. 

Each month take a note of your electric usage and review it while putting the above actions in place to physically see how your change in daily actions can make an easy impact.

Make it a household challenge by putting it up on your fridge or notice board and get buy in from everyone and not just yourself!

Make sure your pension and savings are not in fossil fuel companies but renewables and reforestation.

It is vital that we all understand what is happening with Climate Change and how our actions can make a difference.

Whether as an individual or for your company/organisation look into the Carbon Literacy Project for their local or online courses and/or join the Carbon Literacy Action Day on the 1st November 21.

Calculate your own household’s Carbon Footprint and get a wake up call!

It is vital that everyone starts to make immediate changes in reducing their carbon footprint to avoid climate crisis.

Encourage friends and family to start making changes and lead by example.

It is vital that everyone plays their part in actively reducing their carbon footprint for the good of the world and the legacy we leave for those coming after us. 

Together we can make a difference!

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If you are a business who cares about reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable for the people and the planet we would love to talk with you and discuss how eccountinc can support you.

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