What makes eccountinc different?

By using new tools to change rules We work with and monitor the bookkeeping as the transactions happen. This makes our systems much more accurate than the average accountant and allows us to provides quick feedback on a regular basis. This is more in line with how large organisations produce their accounts; but we have changed the rule that you needed to be big to afford this.  We make it affordable for even small businesses.

Here are some more of the benefits you gain

  • Problems are easier to spot and remedy quickly
  • Questions like “has this supplier been paid?” or more importantly “has this customer paid us?” are easy to answer.
  • Year-end accounts are built into the service so there is no end of year surprises
  • We sit down with you and set relevant and achievable targets for your business and monitor these
  • You will receive accurate monthly profit and loss accounts and balance sheet for each section of your business.

Fixed monthly fees:- We promise you will never get an unexpected bill from us, this is because we agree a price up front for all the services you need.  No more paying for unnecessary services included in standard packages or being billed by the hour! And to aid your cashflow all our services are paid for monthly so no lump sum to find at year end.


Purchase ledger

Entering supplier invoices

Arranging the approval of invoices including GRN matching

Paying suppliers by BACS or online payments

Entering supplier payments

Reconciling supplier balances with statements

Storing documentation in digital form

Ensuring easy Client access to all purchase records

Sales Ledger

Providing easy ways to raise an invoice

Recording and matching payments from customers

Chasing customers for payment

Bank Records

Downloading transactions from the Bank?s systems

Posting receipts and payments to the ledger

Reconciling records with the bank.


Preparing and filing the VAT return

Advising on foreign VAT and reclaiming EC input VAT

Paying and reclaiming VAT on imports.


Collecting time and attendance information from online systems

Preparing wage payments for (1 to 1000 employees)

Making payslips available to staff online (3 years)

Dealing with staff pay queries

Managing ROI payroll

Annual Accounts

End of year accounts prepared by a certified accountant in accordance with latest standards and filed online with companies registry and tax authorities.

Business Planning

Compiling annual forecEnd of year accounts prepared by a certified accountant in accordance with latest standards and filed online with companies registry and tax authorities.ast and budgets

Preparing cashflow forecasts

Cash flow planning for one off projects

Other Services

Attending board meetings

Treasury and currency management and advice

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Our goal is to help and guide you to build a business generating the amazing results you richly deserve so that you can have a real positive impact on the communities you live in, and who knows maybe one day the whole world! (We believe in thinking big!)

We have created a very different accounting business designed with fresh and very different thinking.


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